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Stage Lighting Knowledge
Oct 13, 2017

Stage lighting knowledge

Stage lighting, also known as lighting or lighting. Stage lighting is an important part of the composition of the performance space, is based on the development of the plot and the specific scene required for a full range of visual environment lighting design, and purpose to design intent to reproduce the visual image to the audience art.

Cloth four elements

1, the main light: the theme and point of view need to determine the main light direction, the main light stronger than other light, the use of spotlight and other hard light

2, auxiliary light: the main light is the auxiliary and supplement, from the role of modification. The soft light illuminates the reflected light of the natural environment

3, backlight: in the main light on the basis of light. Can be stronger than the main light, but also lower than the main light and stronger than the auxiliary light, from the decorative modeling role

4, light than: the type of light and light on the proportion of light. Can be adjusted according to the creative needs of light, in order to obtain the desired results. Cloth angle: 90/120/180/270 degrees and so on

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